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Jim graduated from Central Missouri State University in 1982 with a degree in Finance. He immediately put his knowledge to work by helping individuals and business owners make wise decisions about their life insurance, health insurance, and their investment options.

With a desire to add to his practical business experience, Jim spent the following five years managing small businesses that sold and serviced personal computers. Jim next furthered his education by returning to the University of Kansas, where he earned a Master of Accounting and Information Services degree with a concentration in taxation. Following graduation, Jim joined the international accounting firm KPMG LLP in 1996.

While at KPMG, Jim worked in the Personal Financial Planning practice, serving corporate executives and high net worth individuals. After attaining his Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner designations, he spent eight years at American Century Investments before leaving to work for a small local accounting firm. Then, in 2012, he opened his own firm, James D. Bell, CPA, LLC.


We can help.

This simple statement encompasses the broad range of accounting and financial services our firm offers. Whether you are an individual who needs a tax return prepared, a business owner needing tax or accounting support, or an executor of an estate or trust in need of guidance, we can help.

We can prepare your personal income tax return. We’ll also point out potential risks and opportunities relevant to your financial plan at no charge, as it’s simply part of our comprehensive service. Furthermore, we don’t view April 15th as the end of our relationship with you, but rather, just the beginning of the next year’s activities. If you have a question at any point during the year, give us a call – there’s no charge.

We can handle your business accounting needs. Whether you’re a startup in need of charts of accounts and bookkeeping procedures, or a long-established operation in need of accounting services and tax planning strategies, we can help. We can help businesses make solid decisions throughout the business lifecycle, from concept to creation and through liquidation.

We can assist you in your role as a fiduciary. When a loved one passes and you suddenly find yourself thrust into the role of executor or trustee, we can help. We’ll help you navigate your administrative and tax compliance responsibilities in a thoughtful, careful manner.


The traditional CPA work distribution and billing model is akin to a pyramid encompassing varying levels of expertise. At the base are inexperienced staff accountants who are paid a low hourly rate. The mid-section of the pyramid is comprised of managers who review the work of the staff accountants and are paid a slightly higher hourly rate. At the top of the pyramid are the owners and Partners of the firm, those with the greatest knowledge and experience. Of course, this section commands the highest fees.

But, there’s a catch. Though you may hire the owner of a firm, the majority of your work may be being completed by a staff accountant who does not know you or your story.

Not at James D. Bell, CPA.

At our firm, the person you hire does your work and is your sole point of contact throughout your partnership. We can offer this unique model of value-focused services by leveraging the latest technology to enhance our internal efficiency to provide you the best experience possible.

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