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Though we like to think the financial world is a crisply framed set of black and white regulations, it is far more often an ambiguous shade of gray. Tax laws are confusing at best and open to interpretation. That’s where we can help.

We’ll provide accurate interpretations of exactly how the tax laws impact your financial situation. That way, you can make educated decisions to ensure your financial security and continue to live your life comfortably and at ease.


From conception to creation to dissolution, we are there for your business each step of the way. We’ll help you select the organizational structure that best meets your needs, set up your charts of accounts and bookkeeping procedures, train your internal staff, and ensure you’re on target with your tax compliance obligations. As you grow, we’ll serve as your virtual CFO, and when you decide it’s time to pursue your next adventure, we help negotiate a tax-efficient sale of your business that maximizes your returns.


We work with what you have.

We can work with any set of books you keep, from highly sophisticated accounting packages to pencil and paper ledgers. Whether you need to set up a new set of books from scratch, clean up an old set of books, or need help with a single transaction, we can help. Along the way, we’ll make recommendations to help streamline your accounting procedures to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Many businesses use QuickBooks products. We are members of the QuickBooks Professional Advisor program and keep up to date on QuickBooks products through the QuickBooks Certification program. When you need help in any area of QuickBooks accounting, we’ll get you headed in the right direction in a hurry.


We’re here all year.

Unlike tax factories, we focus on you and your tax return all twelve months of the year. That means you can call us in July to make sure you don’t make a mistake you’ll regret in April – which, as always, comes at no charge for phone calls. We want to ensure you not only have the best tax strategy but that you have the peace of mind in knowing we’ll back you up throughout the year. And if you’re concerned about the pricing, know that our prices are very competitive with the tax factories.


Being an Executor is not easy.

When you lose a loved one and are appointed Executor or Personal Representative, there are multiple challenges. There will be records to review and maintain and tax obligations to meet, often requiring a tax return to be filed. We can help guide you through this process so you can be confident you are fulfilling your responsibilities appropriately.

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